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Holistic Healing Pdx Services

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Individual Counseling

Whether you've been struggling with long term mental health challenges, or have recently found yourself in a tough spot, individual therapy can be a place to find support, make meaning, and reconnect with your self. Therapists at Holistic Healing share values including non-judgment, social justice, empowerment, and the importance of the therapeutic relationship.


Group Counseling

At Holistic Healing, we believe that group therapy can offer individuals a unique space to connect with others and gain valuable awareness of relationship patterns. We are currently running the following groups:

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety: Join us for a group to learn how to get out of your anxious mind. We will build mindfulness skills, create a more compassionate relationship with difficult feelings, and find ways to have more of what you want in your life. $30/session, 12-week commitment *PAUSED as of 3/2024*


Healing Through: Did you experience trauma in childhood? Do you currently experience difficulty in your relationships? This group focuses on making meaning from trauma, creating healthier relationships, and increasing clarity of values to live a fuller, more meaningful life. $30/session, 12 week minimum commitment *PAUSED as of 3/2024*


OCD Support Group: This group provides a space for those with OCD (and their loved ones) to offer support, provide feedback, and gain community. $30/session, drop in *CURRENTLY TAKING REFERRALS*

Couples & Relationship Counseling

It is no secret that relationships take work! We love working with couples, but want everyone to know that relationship therapy extends to ANY relationship that needs work. This includes family members, friends, and even colleagues. We want to help you develop healthier patterns of communication, build understanding of your attachment style, and reconnect to the parts of the relationship that are special. Through compassion and guided intervention, we strive to help you build a meaningful way forward.

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